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About Us

After looking around the internet for sometime, at shooting sites, I noticed that there seemed to be lots of American shooting directories, which did include some UK sites, but not much for the UK market.

Since the handgun ban, many UK shooting businesses have found it hard to survive, some have even folded altogether (inc. Parker Hale!!). More and more are moving to the internet as an easy option to market their products.

Club membership seems to be dropping (inc. the club I'm a member of), again clubs are using the internet to promote the sport (our club website has brought in at least 2 new members).

My aim is to pump as much information about UK target shooting firearms into 1 website as possible, to help promote shooting businesses within the UK by putting a totally 'free' link to their own website.

This website has been designed to be simple - no fancy shockwave intro's, no silly noises, no popup windows. (apart from my union flag animation)
I'm open to criticism, advice, submission of sites etc. Might not listen but you can tell me all the same, but please don't be rude as I will offend you with my response.

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