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Category Help

We have separated out the sites into different categories, which are self explanatory. A general description is show below.

  • Ammo / Reloading
    This is for company's specifically for ammo & reloading gear.
    (i.e. Head's, Powder,  reloading gear & made up ammo)
    Note: Most shops will also stock these items.

  • Clubs
    List of Clubs websites (obviously)
    We did think about including just club telephone no's & areas but don't have that info to hand.
    If clubs without a website wants their contact details added, we can do that just email the details.

  • Optics
    Will include Optic manufacturers which may not be UK based.

  • Dealers / Shops
    General category for shops & dealers, some also offer other services like gunsmithing.

  • Enfield Stuff
    Because I like Enfield Rifles - may not always be UK sites, but useful anyway.

  • Gunsmiths
    This got difficult as most gunsmiths are also shops / dealers.

  • Miscellaneous
    Anything that didn't fit into one of the other categories.

  • Organisations
    Don't think a description is required here.

  • Trade / Wholesale
    Importers who don't sell to the public, but act as main agents.